Lifetime Warranty and Returns Policy

The MARS Lifetime and Transferable Warranty

The MARS razor is tough and it should give many years of service. The modularity is such that if a part does go missing or destroyed then just that part can be replaced. Furthermore I wanted the warranty to back up my products the best possible, so I decided to have the following warranty:

I offer a “Lifetime Warranty” against manufacturing defects for any parts sold be me according and subject to the following terms: I define “lifetime” as being as long as I or my representatives are selling MARS razors and as myself or my representatives are in a position to do so and if the parts are available. I can not guarantee I’ll have the same replacement parts available in the future or that they will be of the same colour as these things are not fully in my control. If there is an issue with a part then the customer will first need to contact me with the details and we will together arrange which method of shipping is to be used for a return. The customer will need to pay for the return postage and after I have seen and checked the part for a defect, at my discretion I will pay the cost of the postage both ways and send a new part. This warranty does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by either intentional or non-intentional misuse as determined by me. For example: If you drive a truck over the razor by mistake or on purpose that would not qualify, although I would like to see pictures of the results out of interest. This warranty is transferable so even if you sell the MARS to another person the basic warranty will still apply with the same conditions. I hope this warranty is to your satisfaction and conveys my good intentions to back up the MARS service into the future.

Returns Policy

I stand behind my product’s quality and want people to have a good experience even if the razor isn’t for them. However, there are some serious considerations against having a “try and return” policy. The first reason is I don’t wish to be involved in selling used razors for potential hygiene safety reasons. The second reason is how would people know for sure that they are always getting a new razor? Could you be sure a company isn’t simply reselling returns as new? The third reason is companies that have trial offers may be raising the initial purchase prices to cover any returns. This means the majority of people who keep the product will be unnecessarily paying more for that product.

The potential downside with NOT having trial offers is that I lose some sales. That be as it may, if for some rare reason the MARS isn’t for someone and I can’t find a direct solution, then there are many websites and niche shaving groups to sell items on the internet or people could give them away as gifts. The MARS is a great razor and therefore has value even if it is used, so I’m sure there are people who will be interested in a deal.

The conclusion is although I would love to have a no questions asked returns policy, my policy is I will not accept returns on used products. The only circumstances for which I will accept returns other than under the warranty (see warranty for details) is as follows:

You decide before opening the razor package that you wish to return it for whatever reason within 14 days. All the parts bought need to be returned to me as new with the razor package unopened using a non-refundable tracked return postage paid by the customer along with proof of purchase. This type of return is for example in the case of an unwanted gift or any other reason. If I find the package containing the razor has been opened when returned to me, then the returned parts will be offered to be again returned to the customer at their postage expense or disposed of by me.

I hope this returns policy is agreeable to my potential customers. I encourage people to read reviews and ask me any questions to really make sure my razor products are something they wish to buy. I believe this returns policy is fair to everyone. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.