There has been a resurgence of traditional wet shaving as more people realize that high quality all-steel blades are better for shaving and far less expensive than cartridges. The Modular Adjustable Razor System or “MARS”, has a story similar to many innovations. I’m Rob Burns and I wanted a better razor, so I designed one.

Why make the MARS?

When I started designing the MARS there were a few goals.

1. Make it easier for people to find what type of razor works for them. Whether face, head or body shaving, having insert plates to adjust blade settings and also having the option to use different blades allows the MARS to be extremely versatile. There are ten insert plates available individually for each blade type. This might be a bit daunting at first, but easier and less expensive than trying many different razors. The MARS has been described as it feeling like using a cartridge razor, but better.

2. Make the razor modular. The MARS can be used with Half-DE blades or Injector/B20 blades at the moment and a module for AC wider type blade is being prototyped, Also there will be different handle materials and colour options in the near future, all which will be compatible with each other.

3. Inexpensive to use. The MARS uses “open source” blades so you can choose your brand. Double Edge or “DE” type blades can be snapped in half and there are also ready made half-DE blades available. Both these types of blades are commonly available and very inexpensive to purchase. Injector and B20 blades cost a little more and may be harder to find where to buy, but they are available. Some people say the Injector/B20 blades give a better shave and I really like the B20 blades for example, but there are great DE blades also. I’ve done quite a few blade reviews on the MARS Shaving YouTube channel. All the blade types are fully steel and can be recycled which is more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic razors and plastic cartridges. By using all steel blades you will certainly save a lot of money compared to cartridges. For example: I recently purchased some very high quality blades which worked out to about 5.4 pence each. I will get at least four good shaves from each blade which works out to about 1.4 pence a shave. On top of that, the shave will probably be better than a cartridge as you can adjust the blade height with the various plate inserts.


The fact is there is no “best” razor that suits everyone regardless of what hype some companies or person/s might claim. Shaving is a very individual experience and what works for one may not work for another, simple as that.

Having said the above, most people come to this website from recommendations or seeing others talk about their experiences with the MARS. If you have not seen the reviews then do a search for “MARS Razor” on Facebook or “MARS Shaving” on YouTube. Most people like the MARS, some don’t. That’s how it will be for any razor. Be careful of hype whether it be for the MARS or any razor. Like I mentioned above there is no “best” razor (or blade, soap, brush etc…) that applies to everyone nor ever will there be, there is only what works the best for you. Do a lot of research into what makes a good wet shaving razor or any shaving paraphernalia. Ask others what they think about various products and watch the reviews but keep an open mind as again shaving is such an individual experience.

The MARS was designed and is made in the UK.

Lastly, thank you for visiting this website and may your shaving be smooth!

Cheers, Rob