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Hi, please forgive me, the website is broken at the moment but I've put the details and prices below. Please email me at for any enquiries.


Quick History: The MARS (Modular Adjustable Razor System) is an adjustable single-edge razor that uses non-proprietary snapped or ready made half DE blades or injector/B20 blades. There are insertable plates to adjust the blade exposure. It was developed over a few years, many prototypes and two released versions. The latest change has been a thinner profile cap which I really like and there probably won't be any further design changes from now on.  As much as I (and many others) believe in how good the MARS is, I only sell a few razors here and there as a hobby. There are no promotions or paid advertising for the MARS.


The following are the prices:


- The MARS Handle and Cap is £35


- Half DE or Injector/B20 Plates are £2.50 each. The range of plates for both types is 1-10, with 1 having the least blade exposure (mild) and 10 the most blade exposure (aggressive). Most people will be happy with plates 5, 6, 7  for most  shaving. Please ask if any doubts or questions such as what is best for your shaving needs. Do you have sensitive skin and/or want less irritation? Do you shave regularly or not so often?  The two types of plates are unique in that only H-DE blades can be used with the H-DE plates and the same thing for the injector/B20 plates. The Injector plates have a little more blade exposure than the H-DE plates. H-DE blades give just as good a shave imo and unless you really want to use injector or B20 blades (B20's are very good blades but expensive) then I believe H-DE blades work just fine.


- A Razor Stand is £4 and the DE "Blade Snapper" to snap DE blades in half is £4. You can see this in action on the "MARS SHAVING" YouTube channel. 


To order, select the items you think you want and email me that selection at  If you don't know what would be best please feel free to ask questions or just tell me your shaving habits, like how often you shave and if there are any skin sensitivity issues or not and I can advise some plates and you can decide what would suit you best.   


TERMS: I do not offer a trial option or accept returns for a used razor. This is for health concerns and also that way people will always know I only sell new razors. So please, to avoid any conflict (which is very rare but it's happened)  only buy this razor after doing the necessary research into what others say about the MARS and if you're sure it's for you. There is a "MARS Razor" Facebook group you can join to see the development history of the MARS and lots of comments on various shaving groups. There are also many videos on the MARS Shaving YouTube channel to watch. I could publish lots of great testimonials, but I prefer people do a bit of research themselves to decide if this razor is for them. 


Shipping is not included in the above prices so needs to be added. Usually it's going to be £3 within the UK, £10 within Europe and £11 the the US and everywhere else.  I use Paypal for invoicing.


Any questions please feel free to contact me:

May this find you well.




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